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T.Ramanna, a humble sports lover and promoter from India shouldered the responsibility of organizing an Asian Throwball championship for the first time at Kolkotta in 1992. Further an Asian level organization, ATF was re-established under the leadership of T.Ramanna, and in the year1995, draft rules were framed. The game of Throwball has been developed and game among men & women in all the Asian countries wide over by 2000. Dr.A.Dayanand, another sports lover and promoter from India has edited the first copy of the Rules & Regulation of Throwball game in 2000, under the directions of T.Ramanna Secretary-General


The great sports vision of T.Ramanna moved this Asian level organization, to world level organization ITF from 2000 onwards, including the countries South Korea, Srilanka, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, Tunisia, Brazil, Canda, France, Australia, UAE, Nigeria, Ect. keeping the youth in mind first world Throwball Championship was organized in Egypt & Dubai (UAE). In view of the faster development of the game the second edition of the rules and regulation book and the modified ball was brought by TFI, in 2005.


The chief office of the ITF is established in Bangalore and the regional office for the Asian countries is located in South Korea, where Dr. Lee Jong Yong being the secretary in-charge. Several others who are thriving very hard for the development and promotion of the game at the International level are T. Mohan, Malaysia, Ms. June Parera, Srilanka, Abdul Halim Bin Khader, Singapore, and K.Berg, Australia.


In view of the popularity and fast promotion of the game and the strengthen the game technically sound at the International level, the present third edition book edited by Dr.A.Dayanand, on game and rules of the Throwball of International Throwball Federation is being published by Chief Secretary-General, ITF Bangalore.

Patron Dr T Ramanna

President Dr Mani S


Vice President

Satish Mohanlal Yadav
Sarfaraz Sayyad


Joint Secretary

Kishan Chand Dikpati


Referee Board

Balwan Singh


Selection Committee

Shailender Sharma


Coaching Committee



Technical Committee

T S Prabhu Kumar


EC Members

J K Warghat

D D Sharma

Lucky Chan

Ahsan Ali Beigh

E Koya

Throwball Federation Sports Academy
Throwball Federation Sports Academy
Throwball Federation Sports Academy

Our Commitee Members

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Mr. T. S. Prabhu Kumar.


Mr. O.K. Singh

 Vice President

Dr.T Ramanna


Mr. Rajput.

 Vice President

Mr. Natarajan.

 Vice President

Mr. Balwan Singh.

 Vice President

Dr. P. Ramu


 Mr. Satish Yadav

 Joint Secretary

Mr. K.N. Govindaraj

Honourable Secretary

Mr. Harish

Joint Secretary

 Mr. Pratiksh Sharma

 Joint Secretary

Mr. Mohamed Haniff

 Joint Secretary

Mr. Siddarth Burman

 Executive Committee Member

 Mr. Harish Kumar

 Executive Committee Member

Mr. Bharath Panchacharya

Executive Committee Member

Mr. Koya Master

 Executive Committee Member

 Mr. Shailendar Kumar

 Executive Committee Member

Mr. Rajkumar Warrghat

Executive Committee Member

Mr. Ramesh

 Technical Committee

Mr. K.C. Thakur


 Mr. Bharath Panchacharya

 Programme and Policy

Mr. Subramanaya

Referee’s Board






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